Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monarch Colorado Hiking Trails, Continental Divide Trail, Monarch and Salida Colorado Lodging

Enjoy the fresh crisp air along the Continental Divide Loop! 
Continental Divide Loop, on Monarch Pass
This photo was taken yesterday around 6pm - beautiful hike!

CONTINENTAL DIVIDE 2 MILE LOOP: (6 mile drive to tailhead) From Ski Town Condos, drive 6 miles west on Hwy 50 and park in the Monarch Crest parking lot. Cross the highway to the trail located at the large yellow hwy sign with blinking lights. Start up the few steps and take the trail to the left; the trail will lead to the top of Old Monarch Pass; following the
Old Monarch Pass road to the right for about ¼ mile till you see the Continental Trail on the right side; this will loop back to the trail head with the steps. 2mile loop trail.

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